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Training courses organised by LondonSAM Polska are original projects of specialists in finance and accounting. Our offer includes both trainings introducing participants to financial issues, such as the International Accounting Course, and highly specialised training products, such as the IFRS Certificate.

An unquestionable advantage of LondonSAM trainings is the possibility to conduct them in Polish and English. Our lecturers are outstanding specialists with many years of experience. We treat each training project individually, adjusting its content and form to the current needs of the participants and the profile of the organisation.

Below are examples of thematic training modules:

IFRS Certificate
Participants in the course acquire comprehensive knowledge of selected International Financial Reporting Standards and the ability to apply this knowledge in practice. The course programme ends with an exam. Those students who achieve a positive result will be awarded a Certificate in International Financial Reporting by LondonSAM.
International Financial Accounting Course (IFAC)
The training aims to provide professional knowledge on the basics of accounting, based on the provisions of the International Financial Reporting Standards. The course was created to meet the expectations and needs of finance department employees who are responsible for introducing or improving the quality of accounting procedures in companies.
American Financial reporting Standards (US GAAP)
This highly specialised product finds interest from those who are professionally exposed to and work in US GAAP accounting, as well as those who link their work and careers to an environment where US GAAP standards are used.
Finance for the non-financial managers
The training is addressed to all persons interested in finance and accounting who are not directly involved in these issues. In particular, it is addressed to business owners, current or future managers at all levels, employees of production, sales, marketing and other departments who come into contact with financial information.
Deferred Tax
Participants will receive a condensed dose of theoretical knowledge of deferred tax and practical guidance on the calculation of assets and provisions. The lecturer will refer to "real life" examples and together with the participants will solve tasks and lead a discussion on the results of the analysis.
Cash Flow
The objective of the training is to enrich practical knowledge, skills of interpretation of information and making right decisions regarding cash flows in Polish economic practice. The training is based on interactive workshops that familiarise participants with the preparation of cash flow statements, statements of changes or financial analysis.

LondonSAM creates and supplies training courses in Finance and Accounting area in response to special and unique demand from our clients. Therefore, do contact us if you would like to have a unique training project developed for your organization. We will do our best to come up with the most suitable training solutions to meet your expectations and requirements.

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Management training offers professional training and consultancy in the field of project management and business process optimisation. Our specialists are members of international financial associations, practitioners with many years of professional experience.

Below we present examples of training modules:

Project Management Professional® (PMP PMI)
Project Management Professional® (PMP) is a specialized professional certificate confirming the highest level of competence in project management. The PMP® training course has been entirely prepared and adapted to the examination requirements set by PMI® and to global project management standards. The programme is based on the PMBOK® Guide 5th edition.
Certified Associate in Project Management® (CAPM) is a PMI® Certificate, which confirms knowledge in the field of project management. Its program has been specially adapted for those beginning a career in project management, members of project teams and students wishing to confirm their competence in this area and map out a path for further professional development.
Analysis and modeling of business processes
Participants acquire knowledge of process identification, mapping, modelling and publication to the extent that they are able to take part in projects concerning the description of existing business processes and the design of new ones, especially for the implementation of information systems, enterprise improvement, training and process communication.
Project Management according to Prince methodology
The aim of the training is to provide key knowledge about project management and the PRINCE2® project methodology in a nutshell and to prepare for the PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner exam
Management workshops in English
Participants will gain factual knowledge and practical skills, including: selection and management of a project team, identification of customer needs, budgeting, selection of a project implementation method, time management, risk consideration and elimination, quality control, etc.

In addition to the presented workshops, LondonSAM provides dedicated trainings, which are created on the special order of our clients.If you would like to create a unique training, taking into account the specificity of the company, profile and individual needs of participants, we kindly ask you to contact our office: Tel: (12) 661 74 11, e-mail:

Personal skills training courses organised by LondonSAM Polska have been prepared on the basis of the Assesment Centre analysis of the corporate environments of our business partners, as well as following the market demand for tools supporting the strategic development needs of employees.

The main objective of the training projects presented below is to verify and shape the attitudes of workshop participants based on specific situations from their everyday work. As a consequence, employees increase their effectiveness both in individual and team activity

Check out our list of courses below to find a Personal Development course to suit you:

Leadership Academy
The training is addressed to team leaders beginning their career in team management and to managers who feel the need to improve their skills in managing employees. Thanks to the workshop, participants will learn the most effective methods of team management, and the tools and methods learned will help build authority among employees.
Change Management
The course is designed for employees at all levels of an organisation who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in dealing with change. The training will enable you to understand change processes and learn techniques for effective communication and motivation of employees.
Time Management
The training is aimed at all employees who want to improve the skills needed to effectively plan daily activities at work, set goals and establish priorities. Participants in the workshop will learn how to motivate themselves to act consistently, set according to a plan.
Interpersonal Communication
The training is designed for all employees who work in an international environment and want to understand the issue of relationships in the context of cultural differences. After the course, participants will understand the most important principles of business ethics once they learn how to communicate fluently in order to achieve their goals faster and more effectively.
Techniques of Presentation
The training is addressed to employees responsible for preparing and delivering business presentations. After the training, participants will learn how to prepare an effective presentation and how to deal with stress during a speech.
Techniques of Negotiation
The training is addressed to employees who are responsible for contacts with clients and business partners and would like to better understand negotiations. After the training, participants will learn how to behave in difficult situations, how to recognise different negotiation games and how to be assertive.

”Soft” trainings take the form of intensive workshops with the use of original coaching methods, such as:

– Small group work, case studies- participants supported by the trainer exchange their past experiences and work out and practice possible solutions to current difficulties in time management,
– Brainstorming, moderated discussions – the trainer does not impose solutions, participants on their own with the support of the trainer work out the most effective solutions (greater motivation to implement solutions which you are the originator),
– Mini lectures as a collection and summary of conclusions from practical exercises.

In addition to the above-mentioned topics, LondonSAM provides dedicated training courses, which are created on the special request of our clients. Should you wish to create a unique training, taking into account the specificity of the company, profile and individual needs of participants, please contact our office:

Tel. (12) 661 74 11, e-mail:

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