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ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants. Since 1904 ACCA promotes ethics, moral stardards and professionalizm in a financial environment and offers prestigious qualifications. The Organization gathers over 200 thousand members and 500 thousand students studying in 180 countries all over the world. It also has a network of 83 offices and centers across the world.

People already working in the accountancy and finance profession know and respect the Organization and the qualifications offer. By association, it means you will be in demand. Employers will recognize and respect your qualifications and know you have the right skills needed to get the job done.

Possibility of a carrier development in chosen direction
You should choose the ACCA Qualification if you want to become a Professional Accountant and have the choice of working in any type of accountancy sector, in any type and size of organization. For example, with the ACCA Qualification you can specialize in one area of accountancy, eg. audit or tax, with a small firm of accountants or one of the big accountancy firms. Or you may wish to work in a consultancy role, provide financial information and advice, or manage the finances of a large multinational company.

ACCA – work globally, study locally
The ACCA’s reputation has been confirmed by over 100 years of providing accounting and financial qualifications. United Nations accredited ACCA Professional Scheme as the standard program of international accountancy. The qualification is available around the world. It means you can study and work wherever you wish your career path to take you.

What distinguish ACCA Qualification from other academic programs?
The focus on practical aspects of company’s performance, adjusted to changing economics as well as standarized program disctunguish the qualification from any other academic program. Employers can be sure, that ACCA member, no matter in which country completed the qualification, represent certain (highest) level of knowledge and skills.

The ACCA Poland
ACCA Representative Office in Poland was established in 2004. The main goal of the office is to promote ACCA qualifications in the Polish market and to support students and members of the organization.

Extraordinary values
Everyday the ACCA Organization follows and promotes its core values as:
– Opportunity: we provide opportunity, free from artificial barriers, to people around the world – whether students, members or employees and we support them in their careers;
– Diversity: it respects and value difference, embracing diversity in its people and in its output;
– Innovation: it creates new and unexpected possibilities, providing innovative solutions for the future;
– Accountability: it accepts individual and corporate responsibility for its actions, working together to deliver a quality service and to promote the best interests of its stakeholders;
– Integrity: its acts ethically and works in the public interest, treating people fairly and honestly; it encourages the same from others.

Would you like to learn more?

Visit the official ACCA website: ACCA Global or make an appointment with our ACCA coordinator at LondonSAM.

tel.:12 661 74 11, e-mail:

To achieve the ACCA Qualification you will need to complete 13 exams in English, divided into 3 levels: Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills (old Fundamentals) and Strategic Professional. Additionally, you are required to pass online course called Professional Ethics Module and prove completion of three years’ relevant practical experience (achieve 13 performance objectives).

Levels of the ACCA Qualification

APPLIED KNOWLEDGE introduces students to the core areas of financial and management accounting. This provides the platform from which the other technical accountancy areas will be studied in greater detail in the skills module.

APPLIED SKILLS contains of six subjects which comprehensively cover the main technical areas that any accountant-regardless of their future career aspirations- are expected to have mastered. They comprise law, performance management, taxation, financial reporting, auditing and financial management.

STRATEGIC PROFESSIONAL LEVEL – is divided into two modules-Essentials and Options. Both modules have been set at an intellectual level equivalent to that expected of a student taking a Master degree. The focuses of the syllabus at this level is to build upon the technical skills already acquired, and explore more advance professional skills, techniques and values that are required and used by the expert accountant acting in an advisory or consultancy role at a senior level.

  • ESSENTIALS will teach you the advanced technical skills, techniques and values you will need in order to act as an expert accountant in a senior advisory or consultancy role. The module consists of three papers, all of which are assessed through three-hour paper-based exams.
  • OPTIONS contains of four papers. These are directly underpinned and supported by their equivalent within the skills module in the fundamentals level. Students select two out of four option papers and are advised to choose the options that relate to their chosen or anticipated field of work.

Values, ethics and governance are essential skills for finance professionals. A Professional Ethics Module is not an exam but online course. It has been designed to give you exposure to a range of ethical perspectives and includes several self-tests which require you to reflect on your own ethical behavior and values. You then apply what you have learned in a case study where you experience an audit situation from two points of view – that of the auditor and the corporate financial accountant.
You are given access to the Professional Ethics module as soon as you become eligible to take Paper P1, Governance, Risk and Ethics. It is recommended that you take the Professional Ethics module at the same time as, or before, the Governance, Risk and Ethics paper.

The module – which is interactive – can be accessed through myACCA.

Becoming an ACCA-qualified accountant does not just involve passing your exams and the professional ethics module, you also need to complete our Practical Experience Requirement (PER). It is not just accountants who must gain relevant practical experience, many other professions, such as doctors and lawyers, also have to gain experience to show that they are fit to practise.

You can gain your practical experience before, during or after you complete the exams. Completing three years’ relevant practical experience and achieve 13 performance objectives will help you to demonstrate to potential employers that you can apply knowledge to the workplace and are ready for busi-ness. More about PER: 

DIPLOMA in Accounting and Business
Start into the qualification is already appreciated by employers and accelerates your professional carrier. A completion of the first three exams (the Knowledge module) means that ACCA will award you with the Diploma in Accounting and Business. After passing the whole Fundamentals level (9 exams) you achieve from ACCA the Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business. This is a great way to demonstrate to employers the knowledge and skills you have acquired.

EXEMPTIONS from the Exams
You can miss out some exams by claiming exemptions based on relevant qualifications, for example a degree from an accredited university, you may obtain up to 4 exemptions (F1 – F4 exams). From our experience, graduation from Accounting studies gives exemptions from papers F1 – F4, Finance F1 – F3, Economy F1. Certified auditor can claim 9 exemptions (F1 – F9), the last five exams (Professional level) must be completed by everyone by all over the world.

Registration to ACCA Organization
The first step to start the Qualification is a registration to became a student. You can register online at any time of the year. In order to sit exams in chosen session, you are obliged to register as a student minimum twenty days before the exam registration’s deadline, this requirement doesn’t apply to CBE exams.

Examination session is held four times a year: in March, June, September and December in special centres around the world. In Poland they are organized in Gdansk, Cracow, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Documents required by ACCA organization (scans or upload files):
– Initial Registration Form available on the website:
– proof of any qualifications (e.g. University diploma – at least at bachelor’s level),
– a supplement to diploma with a list of passed exams (in order to claim exemptions),
– proof of identity,
– passport-style photograph

Registration fee
If you choose to apply online and upload your documents, you will need to complete your application by making your payment by credit/debit card in amount of £89.

Annual fee
Each year the organization charges the annual fee in amount of £112.

Methods of payment
If you choose to apply online and post your documents, then you may complete your application by using any of the following methods of payment:credit/debit card, cheque, banker’s draft, postal order.

Intial Registration Form with all required documents should be sent to the address:

2 Central Quay 89 Hydepark Street
Glasgow G3 8BW United Kingdom  

Registration for exams
You can sit your ACCA exams as a computer based (CBE exams) or paper based variant. All papers must be taken on paper based exams except papers F1 – F4, which can be taken as computer based exams. However, papers F5 – F9 can be taken on paper based until the March Session 2018 and then, they will be available only as computer based exams.

Computer based exams (CBEs) are available at any time of the year in authorized CBE Centers and it cost about 350 PLN. To pass exam you need to collect at least 50% of points. The advantage of CBE Centre is the opportunity to write the exam at any time during the year and you get the result immediately after the test. You can pass computer based exams at authorized centers CBE in Warsaw and Krakow.

Paper based exams:
– If you apply as an individual, the full registration as a student can be completed online by uploading scans of required documents. You can take advantage of special prices for the early registration period. The main payment method is by a credit card.
– If you are sponsored by a company, you need to fill an online application out, print it and send with photocopies of your documents by traditional mail. In this case, a company is able to pay by a bank transfer. For further information please, contact the ACCA office in Warsaw: tel. 0048 22 692 41 10.
– ATTENTION: In case of planning to sit exams you should remember, that paper application must be delivered to the ACCA Organization latest 20 days before exam registration deadline, online application – 15 days before. ACCA needs this time to formally proceed your registration.

Do you need more information?
Contact our ACCA coordinator. We are pleased to help you under the phone number: 0048 12 661  74 11 and e-mail: address

Registration with the ACCA organisation
The first step to start studying with ACCA is to register with the organisation. It may be done online at any time during the year. However, in order to take part in a chosen examination session, it is necessary to complete the student registration at least twenty days before the final date of accepting applications for examinations; this requirement does not apply to F1 – F4 electronic examinations.
Student registration with ACCA is done via the online application form (Initial Registration Form). It is available at:

The application form must be accompanied by the following photocopies/scans:
– identity card or passport,
– diploma of graduation from high school or university/ postgraduate studies (documents to be sent to the organisation in two language versions: Polish and English),
– a diploma supplement or an excerpt from the course catalogue with grades (in Polish and English) – only in case of applying for exemption from examinations,
– an abbreviated marriage certificate together with a sworn translation into English – in the case of a change of surname,
– passport size photograph.

Registration fee
On enrolling you will also be asked to make a registration payment of £89 (approx. 470 PLN).

Annual fee
Each year the organisation also charges an annual fee of £112 (approx. 591 PLN).

Payment methods
The organisation suggests several ways of paying the membership and examination fees. In the case of on-line registration of Polish students, the most convenient form is payment by credit/debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Solo.

In case of sending photocopies, please send the registration form together with full documentation to:

2 Central Quay 89 Hydepark Street 
Glasgow G3 8BW United Kingdom

Registration for examinations
The ACCA Professional Scheme examination session is held twice a year: in June and December, in specially designated centres worldwide. In Poland, they are organised by the British Council, which holds them in three cities: Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

ACCA introduces three registration deadlines for written exams, on which the fees depend

– If the qualification is paid for by an individual, the suggested form of payment is a credit/debit card. This form allows you to register fully online, take advantage of the promotional registration fee and attach scans of the required documents to the form.
– If the qualification is paid for by a company, payment by bank transfer is acceptable. This form requires, in addition to filling in the online form, printing it out and sending it by post together with copies of the required documents. For more details, please contact the ACCA office in Warsaw: tel. 22 692 41 10.
– PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning an exam, please remember that postal applications should reach ACCA no later than 20 days before the deadline for registering for exams, whereas electronic applications should arrive within 15 days. This is the time ACCA needs to process your application.
More in the section Exams and fees.

Do you need more information?
Contact the ACCA Coordinator. We are at your disposal on telephone number 12 661 74 11 and e-mail address:

LondonSAM offers authorized by the ACCA Organization Kaplan’s Publishing study books. There are:

– Study Text – contains a detailed discussion of the issues included in the object (paper). Price: 220 PLN + 5% VAT
– Revision Kit – a collection of tasks (practical case study), which allow to prepare for the exam. Price: 120 PLN + 5% VAT
– Pocket Notes – the most important information of the paperpocket-sized version, which makes it easy to repeat the material on the tramtrain, in your spare time. Price: 70 PLN + 5% VAT

Set of books: 355 PLN + 5% VAT.

To order these books, please contact


We are very pleased to announce that one of our students has achieved the title of Prizewinner in the June 2022 session of the Strategic Business Reporting subject, for which she has been preparing by participating, among other things, in module workshops that we organize in cooperation with the Cracow University of Economics.

1. How did you find out about the classes offered by LondonSAM and the Cracow University of Economics?
– I attended the ACCA postgraduate program at CUE so the Professional level courses were a natural continuation for me.
2. Would you recommend attending the modular classes offered by LondonSAM and the Cracow University of Economics? If so, why?
– Of course! First of all, because of the instructors, people with a lot of knowledge and exam experience. So far I have attended two SBL and SBR courses, and in both cases, the lecturers, in addition to their substantive knowledge, provided equally important advice on exam techniques (including the order in which to solve tasks, time allocation, etc.).
3. In your opinion, is this form of study more effective than preparing for the exam on your own? Why?
– In my case, yes, because it motivated me to study systematically, and I could also ask questions and clarify doubts on the fly.
4. Did and how did the classes contribute to achieving such an excellent result?
– As I mentioned earlier, in ACCA exams, in addition to knowledge, the technique is also important. The range of information I received in the classes certainly helped me achieve such a result.
5. Having achieved such an excellent score on the SBR exam, how did you use the online SBR training offered by LondonSAM and the CUE and your own working technique to prepare so well for this demanding exam? Those currently preparing for this exam are eager to learn about your working method.
– I started studying about 2 months before the exam, and tried to “sit down” over books every day, first with theory, and then with solving previous years’ exam tasks.
6. Can you comment on the role of solving exam tasks independently and practically in the process of preparing for ACCA professional exams?
– I think it is very important to try to solve the tasks yourself, and only later to reach for ready answers. This makes it easier and faster to solve those on the real exam.
7. Can you share with other candidates your experience of the SBR exam itself? Tactics, time management, the technique of ‘attacking’ each question, and your experience of exam work in the ACCA application environment.
– I took Mr. Dariusz’s advice, i.e. perfect mastery of the consolidation, which always appears in the first task and starts just with it, then the second task on ethics, and only then the more difficult and less predictable tasks 3 and 4. In addition, all the time I tried to control the time I can allocate to each task because he, unfortunately, passes very quickly on these exams.
8. What caused the greatest difficulty in the course of the exam and in the process of preparing for it?
– In the exam, the most difficult thing for me was time management, I tried to solve each task first, and only later, when there was enough time, I would go back to the answers and still add/improve something. As for the preparation for the exam, certainly, the amount of material to assimilate is considerable, on top of that it takes a lot of time to solve the tasks, so again time was the most difficult competitor here.
9. Does the success achieved translate into professional life, and how?
– For the time being, no (except for new contacts on LinkedIn:)), as I am on maternity leave, but I think I will use the acquired knowledge in my work when I return.

Agnieszka Szczepanek
Senior Financial Accounting and Tax Specialist

“The tuition provided by LondonSAM and the effective support of the helpful staff, allows me to concentrate only in my studies and not waste energy on accessory issues. I feel like in order to be successful on ACCA exams it´s enough to put my effort and concentration on learning and studying, because all the rest is taken care of, I mean all the top quality lecturers, all the excellent  materials and all the technical and bureaucratic needed support. This is of top importance if you are studying and you have a very demanding and time consuming job at the same time.”

 ESTIA Development
Vítor Ferreira
Financial Manager

“The choice for ACCA was easy and quick, given its excellent global reputation. It presents a big challenge not only because of the high level required but as well because it demands conjugating it with a very active professional life, claiming an institution with excellence to support the candidates with the techniques necessary to reach the goals. Here the LondonSAM Polska as the right choice because of the strong combination of high level lecturers, support staff and facilities. I have no doubts that the success reached till now had a great contribute from LondonSAM Polska as well I am conscientious of the fundamental role it will play in my future success. For everything I strongly advise LondonSAM for those who require excellence in training.

Martifer Polska Sp. z o.o.
Ricardo Silva
Chief Financial Officer

“I’ve been studying with LondonSAM since almost 2 years. It would be hard not to appreciate good administration, care taken of students, and help in solving technical problems connected to complicated ACCA procedures. Furthermore, the level of knowledge applied by lecturers is everything you would wish; methods of tutoring are modern and effective.”

Broker FM Group
Anna Frączek
Financial Controler

„My adventure with ACCA started with LondonSAM at the end of 2006. Few years after finishing University of Economics in Kraków I decided to spread my knowledge in finance.

For me biggest advantage London Sam’s courses is direct contact with high professionals, who have wide knowledge and experience in topics they give tuitions. They are ACCA members themselves as well as exam markers working for ACCA; therefore they are able to show students effective way to pass exams.

Friendly and quick administration service and professional advisors from LondonSAM Poland makes ACCA studies easier and faster. Student can focus on getting knowledge to get prepared well to exams.

The fact that I plan gaining ACCA membership in 2009 being to the very end one of LondonSAM students shows enough about quality of courses.”

Airline Accounting Center
Piotr Skrzypek
Controller Business Administration

„So far I attended in 2 ACCA courses organized by LondonSAM. I was really impressed of paper P3 Business Analysis tutored by Tony Surridge. Tony has wonderful skills to keep his students concentrated. His “real life examples” makes course materials easy to understand and remember. This way of studying works!”

Phillip Morris International
Edyta Reczek
Manager General Ledger & Reporting

“ACCA courses offered by LondonSAM in Krakow are complex and flexible. School recognizes student’s requirements. In my experience I always met friendly and professional service.

It is worth as well to emphasize the knowledge of tutors, who are world highest class of professionals, mostly being ACCA members. They share with students practical experience gained during many years of work.”

Małgorzata Socha
Younger Manager

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